Articles: I have written articles for leading publications including The Times of Malta, The Malta Independent on Sunday, Bizzilla (AirMalta’s inflight magazine), The Executive, Money magazine, Eating & Dining and many more. I have written about a vast number of subjects ranging from honey to finance and from politics to branding.  If you need words that work contact me. I can vary my style according to the audience and the subject but it is always easily readable and fresh.

Humour: I tend to have a style that people say works very well with humour. I include humour and a dose of irony in just the right amounts to make you read, smile and think.

Interviews: If you want an interview that delves deeply into anything you do or represent I can do it. I do enough research to turn the interview into a great read.

Speeches: You might have the right message to convey but not enough time or knowledge of how to package it in a way that grabs people’s attention. I can polish your speech or write it for you, for any occasion.


Bios: From short bios to fully detailed profiles chronicling all achievements in one easy-to-read document.

Family histories: Everyone has a story to tell and everyone should tell it. Future generations will love knowing what their grandfather did and how he met their grandmother. Piecing the story, building a readable memoir in short or at length is one of my passions.

Company histories: Telling the story of any enterprise from the eyes of the living protagonists is of value to any company. If the company founders are not alive I can also research available documentation and other sources. Interviewing the people who have been part of the company is an important part of giving businesses more soul, a history and a nod to a legacy that is long-lasting and worth relating.

Magazine Editor

Magazine editor: Five years of editing Insider and now Archetype have given me a good grasp of what makes a magazine readable, noticeable and enjoyable.

If you are involved in any publication that needs more bounce or more editorial support contact me and together we can achieve better results. And if you want to launch a new magazine let’s talk about its editorial vision.

I love working with others and discussing ideas with editorial contributors, designers and photographers. My experience stretches to the world of publishing so I can add more weight to any project that involves the power of words and images.

The magazine sphere has changed but remains—and will remain—an important part of our life.