“where’s my brother? and other confessions”

My first book of confessions is out. It was launched at St Elmo in October and is available from the publishers Kite Group or from leading bookstores.

It’s all about me and my misdeeds, my deeds and my boobs. I try to find fun in anything from FUNerals, to wedding disasters, ghosts in Germany and thousands of gold trinkets that go missing. I talk of cakes which fly, chairs which shatter, wine that spatters and words which are misplaced. Learn about me and my love for my wife, my children and how easy I find it to exchange my children with other samples available at Disneyland.
This is what reviewers had to say about “where’s my brother?”

“On this count there cannot be any hesitation in certifying that Calleja has up to this very day honed his talents at mischief to a tee as page by page of mischief unveil before us covering all sorts of situations which to any other adult would have been uneventful or even outright boring.
This reincarnation of Dahl himself, titles chapters in the style of “Munich capers, ghosts and witches” when relating his holiday with friends during the Yuletide season.”

The life of Vic
Austin Bencini
The Sunday Times of Malta

“More a series of witty anecdotes than salacious confessions – Calleja remains as playful and untainted as a child in his writing – it is a portrayal of a life well lived, coloured by a wicked but joyous sense of humour, which takes ordinarily mundane events and magically elevates them to highly entertaining and at times, laugh out loud, hilarious tales.”

The life and times of Victor Calleja
Giselle Scicluna

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